Dare To Speak™ Public Speaking Programme for Executives & Professionals
2 & 3 July 2011
@ Crystal Crown Hotel, PJ

Another successful programme concluded! Despite some initial problems, we managed to secure our preferred venue i.e. Crystal Crown Hotel and a full house of 11 participants. This included 4 college/university students who were transferred from the class on 16 & 17 July (for college/university students) which was also full!

Dare To Speak Public Speaking Programme Sandy Tan - Managing Partner of ProSkills Trainers

Left: The trainer Azmi Shahrin and 11 participants

Top: Sandy Tan, the organizer

On the first day, I did not have the opportunity to be present during the entire session as I had some errands to run. When I returned in the afternoon, I noticed that the participants were already much better than in the morning, especially in terms of their hand gestures and other body language. I also noticed that the trainer had modified his method slightly to accommodate the "large" class by reducing the length of his lectures and allowing more time for practice. On the first day, we managed 3 rounds of practice for each participant.

On the second day, the trainer focused more on vocal variety and correct pronunciation while at the same time helping the participants reinforce what they had learned on the first day.

Dare To Speak Public Speaking Programme Dare To Speak Public Speaking Programme
Azmi coaching the participants one by one

Some participants had a challenging time trying to enter the class:

Dare To Speak Public Speaking Programme Dare To Speak Public Speaking Programme
Terry Toh, a university student in the UK, registered last summer but couldn't make it to the class. He waited a year to attend this class. Zulkifli called me the evening before the class. The class was full and I had to turn him down. Later he called again so I decided to help him. I persuaded another participant (coming for refresher) to give his seat to Zul.

We believe that in the end everything worked out optimally leaving no regrets to organizer, trainer and participants alike. After 2 "gruelling" days, the class ended beautifully and the graduates were eager to begin their new life of confidence.

~ Reported by Sandy Tan


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