Dare To Speak™ Public Speaking Programme for Executives & Professionals
14 & 15 November 2009
@ Crystal Crown Hotel, PJ

Azmi Shahrin - Public Speaking Coach & Trainer Dare To Speak Public Speaking Programme
The trainer and 9 participants

This was one of the easiest programmes for me as the organizer due to the good response. Besides private individuals, several companies also sent their staff (1 or 2 staff per company) to attend the training. So it was "full house" with 10 participants and for the first time we had to turn down a few who came later. However, only 9 persons made it eventually as one was unwell on the first day of the programme.

The most important skill that the participants learned on the first day, as is normally the case, was the use of hand gestures. Participants were taught to hold out their hands when speaking and to let the hands move naturally according to the rhythms of their speech. This made a big difference as the speakers now looked more confident, eager and sincere. They also said they felt more free to express themselves when holding out their hands. One participant commented that he had managed to "solve" his long-standing problem with the use of hands!

Dare To Speak Public Speaking Programme Dare To Speak Public Speaking Programme Dare To Speak Public Speaking Programme
Great hand gestures!

The other very obvious improvement was standing still while speaking. In the beginning, many of the participants moved around too much - some shifted their feet, some swayed left and right and so on. But eventually they stopped doing that. Then came the fine tunings in terms of eye contact, vocal variety, correct pronunciation, etc. For group activity, we had a debate with the usual "shouting" and noise making. This was to force particiapants to speak in a loud and clear voice and with emotion.

For me personally, I enjoyed a "new" video shown by the trainer. It was a video of our current PM Najib giving a speech. He had great vocal variety and hand gestures! All these videos inspired us to become better speakers ourselves.

Perhaps more interesting for the participants were the videos of their "before" and "after". It was encouraging for them to compare (at the end of the programme) how they were at the beginning and at the end of the 2 days of training. Everyone agreed that they looked much better now. Congratulations to all who attended and to the trainer Azmi Shahrin!

~ Reported by Sandy Tan


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