Dare To Speak™ Public Speaking Programme for Executives & Professionals
28 & 29 March 2009
@ Crystal Crown Hotel, PJ

Azmi Shahrin - Public Speaking Coach & Trainer Dare To Speak Public Speaking Programme
Azmi Shahrin The participants and I

If I could sum up this programme in a few words, I would say it was simply amazing!

It didn't begin so well, though. Five days to the event, I had only 4 participants. After working super hard, we managed to round up another 3. We also got 2 bonus (unexpected) participants out of the blue who just called to sign up. So we had 9 in the end.

This time the results were even more amazing. "Soft-spoken" participants with numerous bad habits (when speaking) were transformed into brave souls who could speak their minds with competence and style.

The highlight of the programme was the final session where participants were given a selection of topics to deliver a speech on. They could choose to be the leader of a political party, the CEO of a company, a headmaster/mistress, George W. Bush on the eve of the Iraqi invasion or Saddam Hussein on the eve of the same. Well, no one selected the last 2 topics and the trainer had to assign the topics to some participants. We had a good laugh.

Dare To Speak Public Speaking Programme Dare To Speak Public Speaking Programme
"George W. Bush" "Saddam Hussein"

The trainer Azmi Shahrin also received "unexpected" praise from one of the participants who had attended many training programmes in the past. He said that Azmi was able to infuse positive energy into the participants by gently coaching them compared to many trainers who made the participants feel disheartened by showing off what they knew. He summed this up with an interesting phrase: "I don't care how much you know until I know how much you care." He also commented that the programme was very effective as participants had a lot of real practice time and the trainer was able to tell them authoritatively step by step what to do. Ok, I better not go on and on or else Azmi's head will grow too big...

All in all, like I said earlier, it was simply amazing!!

Bonus photos:

Dare To Speak Public Speaking Programme Dare To Speak Public Speaking Programme
Azmi's "favourite" participant Khairul

~ Reported by Sandy Tan


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